Everyone was pleased!

Thanks Leonard!  The PIANOMOUNT worked out great!

We have a beautiful STEINWAY Model D Grand Piano.
The piano tuner, the crew, my A-2 (a pro keyboard player),
and the performing artist, all preferred a microphone
position relatively far from the hammers.
With the lid at half-stick…the final position was my new
RØDE pencil mics about half-way up the harp (for live).
But…I did mix a little bit of the SE mics you sent me into
the recorded video mix (spaced-pair).
Everyone was pleased!
Thanks again for your help!
Joe Zaffuto


Mirizio Microphone Mount Reviews

“The Mirizio Microphone Mount works great. I’ve tested it a few times, and next week I hope to have time to take photos. It is a great tool for studio, but for live recordings and performances it is a MUST HAVE!”

Mirizio Microphone Mount Reviews

“Purchased the mounting system to take on a holiday tour with pianist David Benoit. We had full sized grands each night…fourteen shows in twenty eight days. I used AKG C314’s and got consistently great results each night. I’m very pleased with the product and it has held up well.”