Thanks Mirizio Microphone Mount, for its flexibility for microphone positioning. The material and structure are excellent designed and well made. Mirizio Microphone Mount has many possibilities for recording engineer to explore. I strongly recommend Mirizio Microphone Mount for pro studio, recording engineers, and live performance. 

Best regards,

Zhiming Han, film composer,  music producer, and Recording Academy voting member for 18 years.  Eastwest Entertainment  studio

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Hello Leonard ,
Thank you for creating an excellent product .  The build quality and ease of set up is superb .  I’m amazed that the two AT4050’s on the same side of the rail did not need any counterbalancing .  If so I would have purchased a third mount and attached a weight to it .  Recording test will be next so I can tweak mic placement . If this is not an “Industry Standard” product yet , it certainly will be !! 

David Segal