We asked our customers to tell us how we are doing​, here is what they have to say.
"Finally, I have the grand piano microphone solution I've been waiting for: a fully-adjustable bridge mount that allows me to choose which mics I want, where I want them, and it works with any stick/lid configuration. Whether I choose my Schoeps, AKGs, Neumanns or Earthworks, the only thing I didn't expect using the Mirizio Microphone Mount was the number of compliments I have received on how great the piano sounds.
I find it very well made, from quality materials with top craftsmanship. You did your homework and it really shows. Bravo on the design, and thank you- now I can forget the clamps, magnets, stands and gaff tape for good!"
 -Jim van Bergen, Audio Art Sound, NYC  ​posted June 2017 

I have used the Piano mount twice so far with national level acts.  Rave reviews from all.  It is very easy to deploy and you can even close the piano lid if you use the right microphones.  I have used it with Audix Micro Ds and Shure sm181s both worked great.  Well worth the price.
Sammy Barr
Barrnone Productions

posted June/2017

I used the mount for the first time on a closed lid grand piano for a large holiday concert. In the past,
I’ve cobbled together numerous “homebrew” versions of such a device in order to get good microphone positioning on the piano while still being able to close the lid.
 This process is always time consuming and usually compromises the mic positioning in some way. Your mount is not only a time saver, but a great solution to a common problem on loud stages. The adjustability of the mount is well thought out and well implemented. The machining is top notch and I now never mic a piano (closed or open) without it. 

Thanks for offering a practical, reliable solution at a great price. Much appreciated and highly recommended!
Gary Greyhosky, Alliance Audio
Carlisle, PA 

posted  May 2017

I recently purchased The Mirizio Microphone Mount , I was extremely happy with the unit,
the craftsmanship and construction of this unit was top shelf , and the flexibility of it was fantastic!
The ability to use different client specified mics and multitude of placement options,
makes this a must have piece! 
Steve Ponsetto SPL Sound  Vineland New Jersey 
posted 3/23/2017

“As a professional piano technician (and former audio tech) I couldn’t be happier with the Mirizio Microphone Mount. The design and construction of the unit is simple, high quality and brilliant. It is now incredibly easy to close mic a grand piano virtually anywhere in the scale, using any microphone, with the piano lid either open or closed without damaging the instrument by using clamps or tape. Leonard has created a wonderful device that pianists, piano technicians and audio engineers will all find extremely useful and a joy to work with. Thanks Leonard!
-Phil Romano
 Romano Piano Service
 Raleigh, NC

 Touring Technician for Paul McCartney, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ronnie Milsap et. al.
posted October 2016

"I'm so impressed with the build quality and thoughtful design of it!"
                                                                              Matt Stearns
posted August 2016

 "Its great!  I do not have to worry about the mic falling onto the strings or a mic stand getting kicked !"
Augie J Propersi| Audio Engineer
New York City Center

We are very pleased with the mounts! 
We used them to mount AKG 414s in both of our pianos.  Very pleased.
Thank you!

 Andy McGirr, Eastview Church
posted September 2016

                                                     Hi Leonard,
                                                       This is Ralph LaRocco and I'm the sound engineer for the Cincinnati Symphony and Cincinnati Pops orchestras.
                                                       We purchased one of your piano mounts back in June of this year and with the music we perform, and artists that
                                                        perform with us, there is almost always if not all the time a grand piano on our stage. All of our Pops concerts in
                                                        particular are reinforced and the rhythm section is a large part of it and there is always a piano in the section.
                                                           I have created my own mounts over the years but must say your mount gets the job done cleanly and efficiently
                                                       every time especially with the lid closed. There's not much more I can say except the it makes micing the piano
                                                        that much easier and quicker which is key.
 Thanks Ralph Larocco
                                                              Cincinatti Symphony
                                                             posted October 2016

"I've been waiting for a reasonably priced mic mount for grand piano for a long time.

The Mirizio mount is perfect.
Lid open, lid closed, and I can use virtually any mic in my kit on virtually any grand."
Gary Kirby
G K Audio
Staunton, VA   posted July 2016

Greetings from the Air Capital ​

Just opened my new piano mount and wanted to take a brief moment to say how impressed I am with the quality and thoughtfulness in the engineering of the piano mount.
I haven’t even placed it inside the piano yet, but I can already tell this mount has solved an ongoing problem with using my favorite mics inside a piano during a live event.
Every house of worship in America should have your mount inside any of their pianos they are miking during services.
As the principal engineer and co-owner of Cornerstone Studios in Wichita, KS, we will definitely be purchasing your product for our studio use as well for our many live recordings and broadcast worship events.
This is truly a better mouse trap and a great problem solver.  No respectable mic closet should be without one.

Kudos and Blessings!
Steve Falke, Director of Audio Video Support
Eastminster Church Wichita, KS
Principal Engineer and Co-Owner, Cornerstone StudiosWichita, KS​​

​   Posted November 2016

Thanks Leonard.  Very nice mounts. Simple design, well executed and obviously built by
someone who takes pride in their workmanship.  
Best wishes,
Dave TiptonTipton Sound & Lighting
PS, Insanely quick shipping too!
posted 12/8/16