There are countless options for microphone placement in grand pianos here are a few that we frequently use, some for lid opened and some for lid closed
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  1. Microphones are placed in a Mid-High configuration, High mic, high passed at 160Hz,(depending on style of music, I have high passed both). Great for close micing with the lid closed, when other instruments will bleed into the mics.
  2. Here is a pair of KSM 32's with goosenecks ( not included) ,of course the lid remains opened. Ideal for soloist, or recording. I find keedping the low mic in the middle of the harp keeps from exaggerating the lows, and the high mic helps capture the high strings.
  3. Here is a pair of Shure PGA181 microphones in a low/mid-high configuration. Side address microphones like these allow closing the lid for isolation from other instruments on stage. inexpensive, yet very effective.
  4. Low/Midhigh
  5. AGK 414's we will close the lid for the performance. Center mic does most of the work, the "HIGH" mic captures the subtleties of the high strings
  6. Description
  7. Close up
    Close up
    AKG 414's with closed lid